Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Poretol Clear Gel

First off, mothers' day has passed!
I feel awful because I wasn't able to get my mom anything special... I went home last weekend and washed the dishes after the one meal we had together. My little sister gave her a lancome powder set and my older sister cooked up a wonderful dinner. and me? yeah, I did the dishes once.

While I was home though, I obtained a few things..ok.. more than a few things.. a Powershot SX200IS camera, The Face Shop mini haul, a necklace from Tif's, and some new clothes and accessories.. (I declare thee guilty.) I'll put up some reviews later :)

While cleaning my camera memory, reight before moving photos from my camera to computer, I accidentally erased all the photos. ERASED. I HATE THIS SONY CYBERSHOT!!!!! believe it or not, this isn't the first time this has happened!! Aarrgh!!! why does it have "Delete all Photos" options right next to single deletion icon!

I just spent 30 minutes trying to retrieve the photos through a program.. but I didn't want to buy it so I had to prt screen them -_-^ No more of this funny business! my new camera awaits as soon as i get the sd card I ordered.. Oh, another thing! screw sony for using memory sticks instead of sd cards! they just have to be sooo special!

enough ranting, and on with the post...

So, I planned on posting this review a lot sooner but here I go now. It's the Poretol Clear Gel.

This thing is really amazing. What it does is open up your pores so you can use nose-strips more effectively. I know that using the nose-strip isn't the best way to clean your blackheads because it makes your pores larger, but I think that you don't really have a cleaner way of doing it. There's always exfoliating to remove blackheads, but it is never as efficient as a pore strip, which gets the whole thing out of the pore. I purchased mine on Ebay. There's also a toner from the same company, but I decided to use a tightening mask instead.

The gel is just clear and sort of sticky, not too bad. You need about a dime size amount for your nose. A good friend agreed to model for me in this review:

massage it well onto your nose, maybe for about 5 minutes. This should open up the pores.
after the massage, rinse it off with warm water, or I just wipe it off with a paper towel.

This is the Korean brand nose-strip I use. I think it works best. It's a black, charcoal strip. It works extremely well compared to other korean brands i've tried or the biore strips. When you put this on, make sure your nose is wet and make sure to press it from the middle of your nose and outwards toward your cheeks. This is so that no air gets trapped.


Can you imagine how clean it must feel with all this GUNK out of your pores?
This person normally takes care of her skin well; exfoliates 2-3times a week, gets facials time to time, etc. When she did the nose strips a week before without the poretol gel, the results weren't as dramatic. I was shocked to see it in person lol. I felt clean looking at it. -_-;;

Finally, you should always finish with some type of pore tightening mask, because cold water isn't enough. We use the Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask. After washing it off, don't forget to put on toner to refine the pores even further!

Before and After: again, only click if you won't be grossed out

Considering the prior photos, I don't think that you can really tell a big difference through the before and afters. But if you look closely, you can see that some pores are still 'dark' but are empty.


can't really say "hope you enjoyed it" lol
but hope it helped ^-^



May @ Rad said...

great review! I've tried the faceshop mud nose pack before and it works well. but I think the charcoal strip is better. Do you know where I could get one? thanks!

euzeenee said...

thanks :)
I get mine for $10 for a box of 10strips at k-markets but ebay and many other sites have them too ^^ just type in "nesura charcoal nose strips" in google and you should get a list of sites like and good luck!

Summer said...

i feel clean too -_-V

박진아 said...

eujean. blog moar

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